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Long-term chronic stress can have a significant impact on your body, in a variety of ways. While it certainly can have an impact on your medical health, it can also impact your dental health.

Each night the unnatural tension applied to your teeth from unconscious grinding can cause​ dental fractures. These dangerous chips are more likely to afflict the molars and premolars in the back of your mouth. However, any tooth in your mouth might be susceptible to damaged tooth enamel from night grinding.

Once a tooth has been compromised in this way, the damaged tooth enamel could come to trap residual plaque and food material. These bacterial substances can gradually start to foster an area of tooth decay, deep inside the already damaged tooth.

One effective way to significantly reduce your chances of suffering a problem like this is to sleep with a quality dental guard in your mouth. This is a soft, yet durable mouth piece that cushions the biting surfaces of your teeth. It can also help ease some of the complications caused by excess tension in the jaw muscles and joints that hinge your jaw.

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