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To give your smile the best chance for oral health care success, you will need to analyze all aspects of your oral health care and determine what areas may be in need of improvement. By enhancing these areas of your life, you can not only improve the quality of your oral health but also improve the look of your teeth and gums. Everything from your cleaning routines to your dietary choices can be improved and made more efficient to suit your oral health care needs.

When assessing your oral health care in terms of cleaning your mouth, make sure that you are using safe and effective tools that can clean all areas of your mouth. You should also use a combination of tools to suit various aspects of your oral health. Just as your brush is helpful for cleaning off your tongue, teeth and gums, you’ll need to use an interdental tool to clean between your teeth. Furthermore, nonabrasive cleaning tools such as mouthwash can be beneficial to clean out your mouth when your teeth are extra sensitive.

Dietary choices can play a significant role in your overall oral health care, so you will need to eliminate products that can easily cause damage later on. One of the biggest risks due to your diet is often due to dental erosion and cavities from acidic products that can eat through your tooth enamel. Even sugars and starches can be converted into acids that produce the same effect. In addition to eliminating products that can lead to erosion, you’ll need to be aware of products that can chip and crack your teeth or cause your teeth to move or rotate due to the fact that they are too hard or too tough to bite into or chew.

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