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Dentures have been used to replace missing or compromised teeth for hundreds of years. We all remember the story of George Washington’s wooden teeth. Whether he actually had any or not, dentures have been a reliable way for people to restore their smile for generations. At Renaissance Dental, we are pleased to use the latest denture techniques to better meet your needs.

Many people choose dentures because they are an affordable, convenient way to replace teeth. Dentures are removable oral appliances that feature artificial teeth embedded in a realistic-looking gum-colored base.

When most people think of dentures, they think of a full set of false teeth. And these remain popular with people who have many teeth that have been compromised by injury or decay. In order to be fitted with complete dentures, any remaining teeth need to be extracted. Then an impression of your mouth and gums is taken so that the dentures can be custom-made to your specifications. These stay in place by suction, but some people also use denture adhesive.

If fewer teeth need replacement, a partial denture may be the best solution. Other than the amount of teeth they replace, the main difference with partial dentures is they often utilize a thin metal framework to attach the denture to surrounding teeth.

In recent years, anchoring dentures with dental implants has become a very popular option. Implants provide added stability and comfort.

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