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The molars residing in the back of your mouth are work-horse teeth. Each one works in concert with another molar to allow you to grind and chew tough foods. If you’ve lost one to dental avulsion, untreated tooth decay or required extraction, it can significantly impair your oral function.

In some cases, the molar can be restored in two appointments by installing a dental bridge. One common complaint with this type of dental restoration is that the bridge does not have the same strength and feel of the original molar. At the same time, a bridge is not a viable treatment option for restoring a rear molar as there is no corresponding second tooth to anchor it in place.

To address any of these concerns and restore the full function of your mouth, Dr. Michael Sanchez, DDS often recommends a dental implant in Owasso, Oklahoma.

This is essentially a titanium abutment installed directly into the underlying bone. Once it attains total fusion with the surrounding bone tissues, he to schedule an appointment at Renaissance Dental.