Healthy teeth are important for chewing your food properly, which aids in the digestive system. Also, teeth aid us when we speak. Another major advantage of healthy and attractive teeth are how people view us and how we feel about ourselves.

What do healthy teeth look like? Healthy teeth:

  • Are decay free
  • Plaque/tartar free
  • Are generally straighter
  • Have little to no wear, chips, or cracks

Why do my teeth hurt?
There are many reasons why teeth may hurt? They may include:

  • Decay in teeth
  • Exposed root due to gum recession
  • Nerve in tooth is dying
  • Cracked tooth
  • Excess chewing forces on teeth

What can I do if my tooth hurts?
Give us a call immediately to set up an appointment. Dr. Michael Sanchez will examine your tooth and recommend the appropriate treatment.