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The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice each day while also remember to thoroughly floss at least once each day. This basic oral hygiene regimen and attending a dental checkup every six months is very important for maintaining the health of your mouth.

It’s best to brush your teeth each morning and night with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoridated toothpaste that includes mild abrasives. This is designed to help clean away plaque and food particles from the faces and contours of your teeth, while also helping to strengthen your tooth enamel.

When flossing it’s important to clean between each of your teeth as well as along the gumline, and behind each of your back molars. There different varieties of dental floss sold in stores. Flavor additives and waxed coating have no clinical benefit, yet finding the variety that meets your personal preference will keep you encouraged to floss each day.

Of course, the ADA also recommends having a routine dental checkup performed every six months. This outpatient appointment is designed to remove all traces of hardened tartar from your teeth while also detecting any signs of cavities or latent periodontal disease.

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